TAMBULI RESORT RESIDENCES – Mactan Island, Cebu, Cebu City

₱3,106,750, 1 BR, 100 m²

An upcoming white-sand beach-front residential development located in Mactan Island, Cebu… A Paradise within your reach!

The development will sit on 11 hectares of land – consisting of only 8 medium-rise residential condominium buildings – complemented by a commercial complex and world-class amenities for the exclusive use of the residents and their families/friends.

What makes Tambuli Seaside Living different from other Condo Living?

  • The first Residential Resort Community in Cebu to have a READY 300 meters WHITE BEACH FRONT
  • The first Real Estate Development in Cebu having a four (4) hectare AMENITY AREA.
  • EXCLUSIVE. The 11 hectare development is solely for the use of residential/condo owners. Hence, there will be NO Hotel development, NO Condotel concept, NO Club Membership access and the Resort is NOT open to the public.
  • State of the art Resort Development
  • All units comes with Balcony
  • All units are FULLY FURNISHED (until further notice)

With Tambuli, a vacation everyday is possible.

Expected Turn-over: Q2’2017

Available in Studio (from 36 sqm) and 1-Bedroom (from 47 sqm). 2-Bedroom units may be arranged by combining a Studio and a 1-Bedroom unit.

Site Development Plan – Phase 1

Phase 1 has six (6) residential towers having 18 units per floor with 11 Studio Units and 7 One bedroom Units. The distance for each tower is 40 meters.


Building Floor Plan


Typical Floor Plan

Typical Floor Plan

Unit Floor Layout

Floor Plan - Studio

Floor Plan - 1BR

Floor Plan - 1BR Corner

Floor Plan - Combiination S+S

Floor Plan - Combiination S+1BR

Floor Plan - Combiination S+1BR Corner

Views (Perspectives)

Amenities and Facilities

Multiple Building Commercial Complex

  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Filipino Restaurant
  • Japanese Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Wine and Cheese Tapas Bar
  • Convenience Store
  • Mini Theater
  • Family KTV
  • Beauty Salon
  • Entertainment Club/Lounge Bar
Club House (Bi-Level-4,000 sqm.)

  • Resort Spa
  • Laundry Shop
  • Gym and Wellness Center
  • Function Rooms
  • Ball Room
  • In-door Kids Playground
  • Golf Carts
Water Facility Area

  • Dive Shop
  • Water Sports
  • Sand Bar
Sports Facility Area

  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
Indicative Pricing

Reservation Fee : PhP30,000

Price Range : PhP85,000, PhP91,143, PhP95,000, PhP100,000 per square meter

  • Prices are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and other charges
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Payment Schemes

Option 1 (Spot Cash)

  • 100% cash payment
  • 10% discount
Option 2 (50-50):

  • 50% cash down-payment (9% discount)
  • 50% spread over 36 months
  • 9% discount on 50% down-payment
Option 3 (30-70):

  • 30% cash down-payment
  • 70% spread over 30 months
  • 8% discount on 30% down-payment
Option 4 (20-60-20):

  • 20% cash down-payment
  • 60% spread over 30 months
  • 20% balance through Bank Loan or Lump sum
  • 5% discount on 20% down-payment
Option 5 (10-60-30):

  • 10% cash downpayment
  • 60% spread over 30 months
  • 30% balance through Bank or Lump sum
  • 2.5% discount on 10% down-payment
Option 6 (Deferred 100):

  • 100% spread over 36 months
Tentative Computations

Indicative Price

Preliminary Concept for the +2.5 hectares Resort Facility

The general design concept for the resort facility will be of a Tropical Modern Design architecture and landscape architecture design. The amenities listed, will be fitted inside the +2.5 hectare allocation for the resort and club facility. Care will be given in proportioning the amenities to the open areas, creating the balance and harmony the owners are looking for.

The existing flora of the 2.5 hectare property has a decent growth of trees of different species as well as a natural slightly rolling terrain ending toward a natural sand beach frontage. The beach frontage is divided by an outcropping of coral rock which may serve as a focal point in the design concept.

Its natural setting of flora and geological formations shall be the primary points in building-up the general concept of the property. Both the owner and the designer agrees that these conditions together with existing flora will be critical in coming up with the general design concept for the resort. Since these conditions are evident, the landscape architecture and architecture will be designed around these conditions bringing to fore a naturally flowing and uncontrived feel to the resort.

Design Concept for Amenities

1. Clubhouse (Food, Beverage & Hospitality Amenity)

The clubhouse location should be strategic between the residential condominium development and the rest of the resort amenities. Since the rest of the amenities are primarily income-generating ones, it is only natural that this will be the most frequented amenity so far as to residential connection and association is concerned.

Tropical Modern clubhouse ambiance

As far as guests or residents are concerned, the clubhouse will act as a greeting area and a formal entrance to the rest of the resort facility. With this in mind the existing locations of the old Tambuli clubhouses are strategic. Strategic because it will be a vantage point overlooking the resort development and wilt act as a demarcation line between the two parts. Only a few adjustments around this parallel will be the position of the new resort clubhouse.

Low and Ground Hugging Structures

Tropical Modern Clubhouse with layering, open veranda

A more dramatic approach before one gets to the “porte cochere”, is essential, sort of like a plaza or court since it is in this focal point where guests and residents alike will be received and will give the most impact as far as address and place is concerned. This is where people will radiate to their respective interests. The plaza/court will have ample parking and features that will act as a gateway to the entire development. Unlike typical city or residential development clubhouses, the architecture for the clubhouse will be as loose and clustered as possible, breaking down large volumes easily associated with typical clubhouses. This will reflect the architecture of the rest of the development and should also be the standard of which the rest of the buildings will be measured. A modern tropical design approach will be appropriate and the same idea can be adopted to the rest of the development. Since this is not a resort hotel, a costly thematic approach can be avoided in favor to this consistent architectural concept.

Interior Landscape Garden

Beside the lobby and segregating it, will be a tropical interior/semi interior landscape court consistent with the clubhouse’s perimeter landscape pockets which can also serve as demarcations between functions and uses.

This perforating of the building envelope breaks up the mass in order for the building bulk to remain as loose and airy as possible. This detail Promotes natural ventilation in the building as well as allows the interior ambiance to be consistent with the resort’s ambiance of lush greenery.

Loose interior Set-up brought about by interior gardens and water features

The lobby, or the rest of the clubhouse will be elevated by half a storey and will visibly open up as much as it can to the resort development. From this vantage point one must be able to experience and comprehend the richness of the development. Equally from the same vantage point as one begins to survey and appraise the experience, as he moves around the lobby, he should also be able to experience the residential condominium towers ascending towards the northwest, filtered by a canopy and layering of trees around the plaza, with the plaza as the departure point. The same can be experienced again on the south east side where the resort portion will be filtered by the dense vegetation with the sliver of turquoise blue beyond it.

Tropical Lounge Ambiance with Interior Garden

Cafe open to veranda, open to resort

The clubhouse veranda will be lowered from the lobby area and possibly separated or buffered by pocket gardens while serving as a take-off point to the resort and its amenities and will be an impact architecturally since this will be conceptualized as a timber deck penetrated by trees and vegetation and trellis ,fronting the lagoon pool.

2. Specialty restaurants (Food & Beverage Amenities)

a. Filipino Restaurant

This restaurant will be the focal point for the restaurants as well as the resort amenities. The outcropping estimated to be +20 meters diameter will be geologically reformed to isolate the outcropping so as to form an island effect. This concept will allow the two divided beach fronts to be connected to form one length adding to the value of the resort, that of a longer/uninterrupted beach. The beach area between the island and resort proper will form a cove-like effect with a bridge connecting the separation. The Filipino restaurant :will be built on the island with an iconic architectural expression, uncontrived and natural, seemingly blending with the immediate environment. With these in mind we are proposing interesting roof structures mimicking flowing waves or shells as organic an approach as possible, unobtrusive because of its central location. The areas around the islandwill be interspersed with terraces, overhanging towards the water, maximizing the area.

Cantilevering dining decks over water

b. Asian and Meditteranean Restaurants

We identified at least two areas of natural coral rock outcroppings, one with more depressed rocks, the other with taller outcroppings, The land formation in these areas are low/depressed compared to the rest of the resort. Our architectural approach would be to stilt over these natural outcroppings giving the restaurants a floating effect while at the same time preserving the rock formation.

To understand the concept easily, imagine wood decking over the outcroppings supported by the outcroppings itself, and concrete/timber posts and bracings, while the restaurant volume sits on the deck with the perimeter – areas of the deck acting as terraces and circulation areas for the restaurant. Whatever trees coming out of the rock formation will be allowed to penetrate through the deck terrace.

What distinguishes the two restaurants will be its elevation, across each other will be one restaurant well elevated from the other. The other sitting on lower rock formation connected by bridge walkways from the surrounding terrain while the other sitting on taller rock formations accessed by stairs. This design concept will give the two restaurants smaller building footprints, in line with the rest of the development as well as the current architectural philosophy of sustainability in the environment, preserving nature, openness and well being.

Trees penetrating timber decking

Timber decking

The architectural treatment of the facade will be of modem tropical architecture, important, in order to promote consistency from the residential condominium towers down to the resort buildings, the clubhouse, restaurants, and spa, down to the smallest detail. What will differentiate the specialty restaurants will be nuances of its regional character rather than an identifiable regional facade design, The interior fit-outs of the restaurants will reveal more of its regional presence.

Stilted Structure over foliage

3. Swimming Pool, lagoon type with bar (recreational & relaxation)

After identifying strategic locations of the amenity structures, the existing trees etc… the strategically located around the lagoon pol will be vanishing edge segments. This segments will be in areas where the surrounding terrain around the pool will drop. These areas are identified near the coral rock outcroppings where the specialty restaurants will be located.

Lagoon type Pool

The vanishing edge lines of the pool has a dual purpose, first as a vanishing edge adding points of interest to the pool and second, to serve as water features, mini water falls facing the specialty restaurants, giving a sense of connection and interaction between the pool and the surrounding amenities.

The lagoon pool incorporates a bar and also features diminishing shallow areas, mimicking lake /river banks, areas identified for children. Cascades, rock formations, brooks and whirlpools wilt be included and may dot the periphery of the lagoon pool.

Mini waterfalls facing the Asian restaurant

Vanishing edges on selected pool perimeter

What is unique about the pool setup, will be the different amenity structures surrounding the pool, one can choose their vantage point whether sitting by the clubhouse veranda or in any of the restaurant terraces, one always gets a good vantage point, important especially for interaction in or out of the pool, or whether for keeping an eye on children.

Rock formations with water source dotted around the pool

3a. Swimming Pool, (sports & recreational)

The lapping pool is especially important with residents. The pool may or may not be connected to the lagoon pool.

4a. ‘ Spa’ (relaxation)

The spa location will be a strategic one, aside from isolating the spa from people gatherings and groups where noise will be evident, like the neighbouring high density Costabella Resort at the south west side of the property, and also taking to account the possible future inclusion of Tambuli East, the strategic location for the spa will be at the eastern portion at the mouth of the beach. The spa will soften this area of the resort, soften in a sense that the neighbouring private structures on the east side will lose its presence. If plans push through with an expansion, the spa will be centrally Iocated with respect to a future consolidation with Tambuli East.

Lap pool adds to the resort ambience

The facade architecture for the spa will be consistent with the rest of the resort development buildings and structures. The planning concept for the spa will include the regular spa function plus a small wading pool and an interior courtyard to give the spa a sort of seclusion ambiance. outward views from the spa will be limited to the sea and beach front only for that sense of separation and privacy from the rest of the resort.

Spa with outdoor jacuzzi amenity

Spa with terrace and wading pool amenity

Spa set-up with terrace facing ocean view

5. Dive Shop and Equipment Rental (sport & recreational)

The location for the shop can remain as is at the south side of the beachfront. The typical dive shop will be redefined. The usual dive shop is a shed or something temporary making it look left out. what will redefine a dive shop is simply adding value to it, an outdoor lounge/terrace and hard and softscaping around the area will also soften that side of the beach especially the unsightly fence and breakwater of the neighbouring Costabella Resort. The landscaping of the resort should reach all the way to the dive shop area. The architectural treatment of the exterior should be consistent to the rest of the development.

6. Chapel, Gazebo’s etc.. (spiritual & relaxation)

- are good filler points and will add points of interest to the development. The architecture will also be consistent to the rest of the development.

Tropical modern gazebo translation

7. Landscape Areas

These areas will be dotted by water features, decks, cots, huts, etc…, all over the resort area intermingling with pathways and landscape gardens.

Cots and decking dotting the landscape

Decks by the sea

Zen water features

8. Circulation areas

As we take care in designing and planning structures around existing flora, the same attention and consideration will be given in designing the network of circulation pathways and internal roads especially within the resort area. The material selection for these items should be natural as possible, uncontrived and ready to blend with the landscape.





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